Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Black & White Wedding with Designer Chair Covers at Sails on the Bay

On December 4th 2011, we got to setup & design the room layout for our gorgeous bride Olivia, and the fantastic team at Sails on the Bay. Our theme to work with was black & white with the hint of bling ... The guest list was small of only 45 people (which the room can hold up to 120+), but I wanted to use the room to the best I could. I just love working with floor plans and using the space capacity to bring a room to life. We did the layout, the linen, the designer chair covers & the centrepieces ...

Our gorgeous designer chair covers in white, with the black band & diamante brooche.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Vintage Wedding Ideas .1.

Vintage Dior 1954

Karen Tran Florals
Andrew Arthur Photography & Aileen Tran

Moore Photography
Claire Pettibone Dress
Lace Bouquet (lace was used from mothers wedding dress)
Andrew Arthur Photography & Aileen Tran

Crown Weddings & Karen Tran Florals 
Moore Photography
Andrew Arthur Photography & Aileen Tran
Karen Tran Florals 
Karen Tran Florals
Karen Tran Florals
Karen Tran Florals 
Karen Tran Florals
Carolina Herrera Dress
Andrew Arthur Photography & Aileen Tran
Karen Tran Florals

Monique Blahniks

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Request a Colour Palette Board ...

Helping brides to be choose their wedding colours & helping come up with designs for room layouts, its what I do best.
What is your thoughts for your big day? 
What do you visualise with your wedding? 
What is your favourite colour? 
Do you want your favourite colour to be the dominant colour for your wedding?
Where do you see yourself getting married?
I want to bring to life your ideas & put on an colour board. So post to me below and tell me your colour ideas :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A great romantic country barn wedding ...

This rustic country barn wedding looks absolutely stunning. I love how the colours from the barn has been captured into the colours of the table settings. Even the fabric used for the top of the tables is like a warn out calico, a very inspirational idea indeed.

Another awesome idea is above for your guests menu ... Why not find an old window from a destroyed house & get somebody with fancy writing to write up the menu for all guests to see ..

Love the calico potato bag ring pillow ..

Photo Credits: 
Photography by Mark Brooke Photography
Event Planning by Joy de Vivre Wedding Coordination