Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Coco Chanel Bridal Shower - White, Blush Pink, Black

I recently came across this amazing bridal shower design that I wanted to share with you all ... This Coco Chanel Bridal Shower.

Fantastic black lace overlay similar to the ones we hire out...

Great Lolly Buffet setup with the bride's name setup like Coco Chanel..

Now what an awesome cake .. the bag, the pearl & the perfume ... BEAUTIFUL ...

Coco Chanel loved her brooches, it was part of family inspiration ...

Designer and Planner: Lucia|Paul Design (www.luciapauldesign.com<http://www.luciapauldesign.com/> ) Photographer: West Park Photo (www.westparkphoto.com <http://www.westparkphoto.com/> ) Venue: The Royal Park Hotel, Rochester, MI (www.royalparkhotel.net<http://www.royalparkhotel.net/> ) Floral: Dooby Design Group (www.doobydesigngroup.com <http://www.doobydesigngroup.com/> ) Cake: The Holiday Market (www.holiday-market.com <http://www.holiday-market.com/> ) Dessert: Dooby Design Group (www.doobydesign.com<http://www.doobydesign.com/> )Stationary: Dooby Design Group (www.doobydesign.com <http://www.doobydesign.com/> ) Rentals and Linens: Special Events Rental (www.specialeventsrental.com <http://www.specialeventsrental.com/

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