Sunday, 3 July 2011

Cakes we have designed ... & designs from others who inspire us

Cakes in general!

When it comes to wedding cakes they can come in many different shapes and sizes. From round or square to hexagonal, heart or mad hatter. You name it, it can be done. As simple as a one tier cake up to a multi tiered cake or through to many mini cup cakes.
We can design a cake for you with a simple scattering of fresh flowers, or a more intricate cake with the artistic design of fine lace piping to sugar flowers. All cakes come iced in a fine textured or smooth soft icing finish that is absolutely delicious.

When designing a cake

Your cake should define your wedding from the style or ambience you choose. It can take on many different designs.
Whether you want it to match your invitations, bouquets, or even the design of your dress, we are here to make it happen. We can help you with your choice of colours, flowers and even the overall design.
Cup cakes and mini cup cakes are another popular choice for a wedding cakes these days. We can assist by procuring the stand they sit on, finishing the display off with swarovski crystals, providing satin trims to a scatter of fresh flowers.

Budgeting on your cake

We have our preferred cake makers, to deliver your ideal wedding cake at an ideal price. All cakes vary in price from place to place, that’s why pricing any cake needs to be done in a proper manner.
As a general rule as any cake decorator would tell you the price of a cake determines on how much labour has gone into it. So a cake plain iced with fresh flowers is going to be a lot less expensive than say a cake with embroidered icing and sugar flowers.
Many couples also don’t stop and think, that do they really need a big 4 tier cake especially if they are trying to budget. Why not narrow it down and get a 3 tier cake, exactly how you want it, and have a kitchen slab or (cutting cake) for out the back. Your guests are not going to know which one was the cake out on display to the cake out in the kitchen when eating this.
So we like you to be upfront and state your budget that you are working on. We are more than happy to help and guide you in which ways we think you will achieve you dream cake at your budget price.

Our Process for your cake!!
 When it comes to designing your cake, we love to put your personality, your inspiration & style into that piece of cake. Every cake we design is unique and custom tailored to you & your partner. Renae and the team will sit down with you, go through colours, themes, styles & ask you many questions to help style your cake.
We ask that at any cake meeting you bring the following:
  • a photo of your dress,
  • a photo of the room your reception is being held in
  • your invitation (if you have designed this already).
  • colour swatches
  • Any photos or magazine clippings.
We will talk about ideas and sketch out how your cake should look on the day of your wedding.

We then send the quotation off to our preferred suppliers of the cake making. The cakes are done as the base from our supplier and we decorate the cakes on the day of the wedding for that perfect presentation. There is the odd occassion where we may ask our suppliers to help decorate if its a unique artwork to sculpt or intricate detail with icing etc.

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